Street Business School
Sep 15, 2020
Devin Hibbard, Founder and CEO
Street Business School

Devin believes we can end extreme poverty in our lifetimes. She is the Founder and CEO of Street Business School—an entrepreneurial training program that helps women living in poverty go from an average of $1.35 to $4.19 per day by starting their own small businesses. Through a social franchise scaling model, Street Business School is now active in countries across Africa and will reach 1 million women by 2027.

As a champion of connections, Devin strives to build bridges between concerned world citizens and people who experience poverty. She is a speaker, teacher, mentor and thought leader in social entrepreneurship, women's economic empowerment, and micro-business creation as a means of eradicating poverty. She’s seen what can happen when women are empowered as business owners, and she believes unleashing a generation of women entrepreneurs can help us realize a world without poverty.

Devin's work has been featured in Nick Kristof's New York Times column, the Today Show, O Magazine, Vanity Fair, Lehrer News Hour and dozens of other publications. Prior to Street Business School, Devin co-founded and served as CEO of BeadforLife.  BeadforLife pioneered the global cottage industry of paper jewelry, inspiring hundreds of other organizations and benefitting thousands of women.