Charlie Kamenides, Waste Services Manager spoke on the Zero Waste Resolution and the Universal Recycling Ordinance for Longmont.  “Our goal is a zero waste resolution with everyone in”.
On September 27, Longmont City Council passed an updated Zero Waste Resolution, a non-binding document that sets new targets and guides future decision-makers on reducing waste in the Longmont Community.  
The new Resolution sets a new target of 75% of trash diverted from the landfill by 2030 and 95% by 2050.  For more details of this resolution, follow the links below. 

Deborah Simmons, co-founder of The Re-entry Initiative (TRI), introduced Emily Kleeman, the Executive Director of TRI, a program designed to provide support to formally incarcerated adults. 

Emily started her presentation with an experiential activity, inviting Rotary volunteers to line up against a wall and following their cue cards (violent history, no ID, no Medicaid, no family support, etc) would would take one step forward as Emily called out some specific attribute or limitation the individual is facing.  The outcome was very few (actually only one), made it across the room.  The exercise emphasized the many challenges recently incarcerated individuals have once back in society.  These hurdles can ultimately lead to re-incarceration.  The vision of TRI is to offer formally incarcerated adults an opportunity to thrive in the community without reoffending. Their slogan, From Surviving to Thriving is manifested through the comprehensive services inside and outside prison walls that empower adults.   The Reentry Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the state of Colorado. TRI has served over 300 men and woman.  

Steve Dundorf, an employee of the Department of Interior and long time volunteer of the Boulder County Search and Rescue, provided an update on the proposed new building headquarters.  The current facility is a 1960's former auto repair shop. It's at the end of its life and is too small to house all the rescue vehicles, equipment, and the team itself.  The new proposed building will include 8 bay spaces for vehicles/equipment, along with some  training room and meeting spaces. 

In 2021 there was 2.0 million visitors in Boulder County owned open spaces (up by 33% in the last two years) and 10+ million visits per year to federal, state and local open spaces in our county.  This new facility will support the increasing emergency needs of various emergency organizations who respond to the needs of those 2.0 million visitors.  

Additionally Steve spoke about a Ballot Measure that would address the funding of this proposed facility, along with funding support for Boulder County Search and Rescue services, fire fighting services, ambulance service in remote areas and trail and trailhead safety. The estimated cost for this project is $17.8 million.  Click on this link to learn more.  

Photo of proposed building

Major Jeremy Atherton is a Military Pilot, and he shared a few elements of his military career…and yes, Jeremy Atherton is Josh’s younger brother.

Jeremy graduated from Skyline High School, was a Eagle Scout with Troop 65  and a graduate from Colorado State University.   Jeremy spoke about is active duty career, serving as an Instructor/Evaluator pilot,  his deployment to Afghanistan, Aeromedical evacuations and his special missions for the Wyoming Air National Guard providing air fire fighting services (MAFFS)   Jeremy recently received his commercial pilot’s license.  Keep a lookout for Jeremy, sporting a new uniform, flying the friendly skies!

Josh Atherton, Executive Director for the St. Vrain Valley School District Education is a fifth generation Longmont citizen.  The mission of the Foundation is to provide resources and educational opportunities, in partnership with St. Vrain Valley Schools and our local communities, to enhance student success and teacher excellence.  The foundation is independent from the school district and has its own Board of Directors. Founded in 1985, the foundation has grown over the years, awarding Teacher Innovation Grants, student scholarships, along with hosting a teacher appreciation night, “Tribute to Teachers”. The foundation also hosts the annual Sunrise Stampede to support students with special needs
Josh also spoke about "529 Jump", a community program that is designed to bring awareness to saving for post-secondary education by utilizing a tax-deducting 529 savings account. To learn more about the many programs and upcoming events, check out their website

Longmont Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peter Schmid realized early on in his career the need to procure a progressive understanding of artistic subtleties in human aesthetic anatomy to provide his patients with optimal, yet natural-looking, results. As his practice evolved throughout the years, he continued to study art, drawing, and sculpting, developing a sophisticated understanding of aesthetics, function, and form.   Recognizing that medical school does not include a study of aesthetics, Dr. Schmid conceived and created Sculpting for Surgeons™.  In medical school doctors are exposed to live cadaver labs, but that doesn’t offer a surgeon the important understanding of aesthetic anatomy, harmony and balance.

Dr. Schmid explained that his anatomical sculpting lab uses live models and doctors work with a wire frame with the application of modeling clay to form muscles and proper contours of the human body.   Click the LINK to learn more.  


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