Erik Mason, Longmont Museum Director provided highlights of Longmont's 2013 flood.  He also reminded us of previous flooding in Longmont. The first documented flood in the front range happened in the Denver Cherry Creek area in 1864.  Floods in Longmont date back to 1894 and 1921, flooding several areas of Main St.  In 1935 a levy broke at Terry Lake and flooded the east side of Longmont. In 1969, Erik said, "this was the flood that wasn't".  There was a tremendous rain downpour, but the Button Rock Damn prevented severe flooding in Longmont.  
The Longmont Museum is honoring the 10th anniversary of the 2013 flood in several ways through exhibits,  public programs and tours of affected areas.  
To learn more about Rise Against Suicide, watch the recent video from Longmont's, The Backstory .  This is a powerful and informative interview about this non-profit organization.  Longmont Rotary is so proud to support Rise Against Suicide through our month long fundraising event, Cycle to Serve (for details of this event, read information on the club website).  

For the month of September the Longmont Rotary Club will be raising funds to prevent teen suicide.   The club will be doing some cycling and walking activities-adding some FUN to our campaign. It’s also a way to promote our fundraiser to others, encouraging the promotion of  Rise Against Suicide, a local non-profit which provides care to at-risk youth struggling with suicidal ideation. 

This month long fundraiser has included local walking or cycling events along with the main cycling ride on September 23rd, with the Rotary Clubs of Colorado partnering with the Denver Century Ride to ride 25-100 miles.


We are encouraging all participants to sign up by by clicking on this link--> Cycling to Serve .   The Cycling to Serve website is a free fundraising platform and fun event page for Rotarians and Rotary clubs to raise money to fund their service projects organized by the Rotary Clubs of Colorado.

Step #1:  Sign up at the Website, COCyclingtoServe to be a registered team member.  Doing this will create the opportunity to fundraise or donate to this cause.   All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to our Longmont Charity Fund. 

 Scan this link to be directed to the Longmont Rotary Cycling to Serve site.

Give with confidence, knowing that your generosity will be put to highly efficient use. Charity Navigator has awarded Rotary it’s top rating – 100% and 4 Stars – 16 years straight. 

Step #2:  Sign up for our local club events, the cycle or walk challenge.  It’s designed to be fun and you can challenge yourself as you see fit. We will be offering some “awards” (notice the quotes), beverage and snacks at the event start locations. 

Step # 3:  If you prefer to write a check, we love that too.  Checks are written to our Longmont Charity Fund.  

  1. Give the check to our Rotary Club Foundation Treasurer, Debbie Platts  OR a Rotary Club Team member (listed below) or Mail your check to:
    Longmont Rotary Charity Fund, PO Box 6411, Longmont, CO 80501
  2. Write “Cycling to Serve” & "Longmont Rotary" on the memo line, so we can know to thank you. 
  3. For a Tax Receipt, include a return address or email.
  4. Jot down these instructions, then close this online donation window.

Your support and generosity are tremendously appreciated. 

Get involved and make a difference in the community to support and protect our youth!  

Jenna Clinchard, Executive Directive for Rise Against Suicide, spoke about teen suicide prevention and her role in serving youth who suffer from suicidal ideation.  For Jenna this is both personal and professional, her quest to break down the barriers to mental health care.  Rise Against Suicide was founded in 2009, serves youth in the SVVSD and BVSD, providing free mental health therapy for youth up to the age of 19. A young person can start therapy with a RISE licensed therapist with 72 hours of the referral, seen up to 10 times and the family never receives a bill. 
Teen suicide is the cause in 1 of 5 deaths.  17% of youth have seriously considered suicide in the past year and 7.2% have attempted suicide.  In Boulder County admissions to the ER for suicidal ideation among 10-17 year old are 16% higher so far in 2022, compared to 2021. 
Throughout the month of September, Longmont Rotary will be raising funds to support Rise Against Suicide through the CYCLE TO SERVE Event.   

Wolfram Kasemir, CU Electrical Engineering graduate, shared with the club the purpose of cloud seeding used to stimulate a potential rain cloud to grow and produce more rain in a specific area.  It can be used to enhance winter snowfall in the mountains; used for fire abatement or to supplement the water supply for rivers and farm land. 

The history of cloud seeding stems from Vincent Schaefer, an American chemist and meteorologist who developed cloud seeding in 1946.  He figured out that rain drops form around tiny particles called condensation nuclei.  Silver iodide is used to stimulate this process by attracting moisture and tiny smoke particles. The chemical reaction when water changes from gas to liquid produces heat. When this happens inside the cloud, it creates an updraft, causing the cloud to grow.   The concentration of iodine in precipitation from seeded clouds if far below the concentration found in iodized table salt. 

Wolfram has had the opportunity to make rain in the Libyan desert.  Wolfram recalled the rain came down like “cats and dogs”.  On the second day of constant rain, Gaddafi told the science team, “we have plenty of rain, now make it stop!”.  The rain continued for another day and left a flooded city behind. After Libya, Wolfram traveled to Bettles, Alaska, a remote Eskimo village above the arctic circle, to help with their fire abatement needs. 

Wolfram interweaved some sweet tales of how he met his wife while in Libya.  Thank you Wolfram for sharing your scientific mind and your thoughtful romantic heart!  

Rotarian, Amy McBride spoke to the Longmont Rotary Club, updating them on the Learning Gardens project, currently under construction in Khwai Village, Botswana. The project is on track for planting as spring approaches.  
Khwai Village is a settlement with a population of 400 people located on the banks of the Khwai River in Northeast Botswana near the border with Nambia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The village has a pre-school/elementary school and a secondary school. This hunter/gather village does not grow crops or vegetables.  Teaching gardening to the children, and building the infrastructure (water source, proper soil, seeds, tools) will soon make this a possibility for the village of Khwai.  The elders of this village have a dream to install a working garden in which they might teach the children and their parents how to raise nutritional food.
With a proper water source, tools and support from the Rotary club of Gaborone and local partners like “Natural Selections’, this dream is now becoming a reality.  Amy said “the garden’s well is ready to pump water to the plot. Volunteers are also gearing up to install solar panels and purchase gardening equipment like shovels and rakes. The seeds for crops are set to be planted within the next month and a half.”  
Photo:  Amy McBride, Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Gaborone pictured with Andy Lee, Longmont Rotary Grants Chair holding the plaque that will be placed at the garden site.   This project is a joint effort between the Rotary Club of Longmont, Twin Peaks Rotary and Boulder Rotary Club. 
To read the article in the Times Call, click this link 
A relief fund has been established through the Rotary District 5000 Foundation as they come together to recover and rebuild. Please consider donating to this special fund and sharing the opportunity with others to help.
From Hawai'i Rotary District Governor Mark Merriam, August 9, 2023:

It’s very evident that Dr. Don Haddad loves his job.  His passion is reflected in his message and love for the St.Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD).  Dr. Haddad, spoke to Longmont Rotary on August 8th at their weekly club meeting.  He has served 40 years in education with 23 years as the Superintendent of Schools for SVVSD.  

The school district is a “preK through 14 system”, which translates into significant academic opportunities for students.   For Dr. Haddad, early learning is essential to a students academic success long term.   All 28 elementary schools have a high quality preschool program with a certified teacher.   The state of Colorado just adopted Universal Pre-K, and full day kindergarten, however, SVVSD had already been doing this for over 15 years. 

“We have Alignment in our standards, curriculum, our instruction, and our assessment, which makes for ‘a system by design’.  No matter where you go to school in this district you can count on a consistent learning experience”.  

Dr. Haddad closed some of the sub-par school buildings.  “Students need a quality space to learn, one that is safe, bright and warm, offering the elements that can promote learning and encourage a student and teacher to want to be there”.

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