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Longmont Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peter Schmid realized early on in his career the need to procure a progressive understanding of artistic subtleties in human aesthetic anatomy to provide his patients with optimal, yet natural-looking, results. As his practice evolved throughout the years, he continued to study art, drawing, and sculpting, developing a sophisticated understanding of aesthetics, function, and form.   Recognizing that medical school does not include a study of aesthetics, Dr. Schmid conceived and created Sculpting for Surgeons™.  In medical school doctors are exposed to live cadaver labs, but that doesn’t offer a surgeon the important understanding of aesthetic anatomy, harmony and balance.

Dr. Schmid explained that his anatomical sculpting lab uses live models and doctors work with a wire frame with the application of modeling clay to form muscles and proper contours of the human body.   Click the LINK to learn more.  


For Rotarian, Michelle Rahm, a gemologist by trade, the true gems of Madagascar are the children of that land. Michelle gave us an update of the many activities her non-profit organization as done.   


Two Hygiene Stations have been built which include, toilets, showers and washing areas. A solar clean water system was built with large rain water storage tanks. An Expectant Mothers Waiting station was also built near the hospital, offering four beds where mothers can arrive two weeks before their due date.  


After their school was destroyed by a cyclone, Michelle worked with a foundation to build them a new school, also equipping them with a computer lab.  There are plans to build a High School. 


A farming complex recently completed along with the development of a Children's Choir where children perform traditional song and dance. Plans are now underway to build an outdoor Pavillion Complex.  

Mr. Robert M. Wells curren;ty serves on the Governors Appointment to the Colorado Cold Case Oversight Task Force. He reported the following grim statistics.  As of September 2021, in Coloreado, there are 1,351 unresolved homicides, 408 missing persons and 88  unidentified remains, (since 1970).

In 2007, the Governor signed into legislation House Bill 07-1 272, requiring Colorado to formulate a Cold Case Task Force.  It was the first state in the nation to put together a data base of unsolved homicides and missing persons.  This Task Force is statutorily responsible for reviewing general cold case homicide investigations, tactics and practices and making best practice recommendations. This sixteen-member team is required to meet at least four times each year.

A cold case is defined as an unsolved homicide of over three years. When the case hits that 3 year mark, it automatically goes into the state database.  Mr. Wells spoke about his participation in the “Parents of Murdered Children” conference. Annually parents gather to support one another, some families with a    murder conviction for the death of their child, some with no resolution. 

FOHVAMP (families of homicide victims and missing persons) is a Colorado nonprofit organization working to find, support and empower family members and friends suffering from a loved one's unresolved murder or long-time, suspicious disappearance.

Boulder County District Attorney, Michael Dougherty started his presentation sharing the mission of the DA’s Office: Do justice every day, preserve and enhance community safety, fight for victims, and improve the justice system.

 Michael  addressed the rising crime as a major issue for his department. In Boulder County, violent crime has increased 27% between 2019 and 2021.  Property crime has increased 18% and motor vehicle theft has increased 60% between 2019-2021. Sadly, we lead the nation in motor vehicle theft. Property crimes committed by one stranger to another with garages being the biggest target for theft.  Mr. Dougherty referenced several possible factors as drivers for these rising crime trends, adding that mental illness, drug addition and homelessness are three major areas.

Director General Huang provided an interesting and relevant talk about the important relationship between Taiwan and the United States, touching on the growing threat of China to peace in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan.   Mr. Huang also talked about the stereotypes or misunderstandings about Taiwan.  Taiwan is a cosmopolitan country with diverse ethnic background.  The country is small, referencing that Colorado is 7.5 times larger than Taiwan with a population of 23.5 million people. (Colorado's population is 5.7 million).  It’s a crowded and competitive society.  In order to excel in Taiwan, you have to study hard.  On the other hand, the Taiwanese are a very happy people.  Our suicide rate is low. Taiwan is more sub-tropical geographically and the attitude of its people are more like South Pacific Islanders than other east Asian islanders.   Mr. Huang went on to address trade relations with the US, technological cooperation and supply chain challenges.  To hear the entire program presentation, click on the link below. 

Club Rotarian, Andrew Lee shared in words and beautiful photography his trip to Botswana in the fall of 2021.  Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, but it has one of the greatest concentration of wildlife in all the world. Andrew said the Okavango Delta is an extraordinary oasis in the Kalahari Basin, providing some amazing opportunities to witness in picture, the beauty of this land. "It is an area were death is always near, but so is beauty".  To fully appreciate his talk, clink on the link below to watch this 30 minute program.   
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Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Olena Morhun fled with three of her children and made her way to Puławy, Poland. There they were welcomed by Krystyna Wilczyńska-Ciemięga, one of many Rotary members who have opened their homes to refugees.

Rotary Projects Around the Globe - October 2022

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A new weapon against polio

A modified vaccine offers hope that eradication is closer than ever.

Register now for World Polio Day 2022

Register now for World Polio Day 2022World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond: A healthier future for mothers and children, will be held virtually and in-person on 21-22 October in Geneva, Switzerland. The event will highlight the status of polio eradication and address the

Mobile clinic delivers free healthcare for Wisconsin’s underserved communities

Rotary clubs in District 6250 (Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA) have donated a mobile clinic to St. Clare Health Mission, a community organization in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that provides primary and specialty health care services at no cost for those without access to insurance.

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