Dr. Gene Bowles, MD retired from his career as a surgeon in 2017 at the age of 80.  He was the Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Denver Health Medical Center. Dr. Bowles addressed the question of when surgeons should retire.  Or should there be a structured time or process for surgeons to retire?   Should detailed cognitive testing and other such tests be required at a certain age? 

The Employment Act of 1967 prohibits age discrimination, however, there are some mandates of retirement for certain professions.  Congress has approved fixed retirement ages for a number of professions that impact public safety.  Those occupations include the following:  

Commercial airline pilot-- 65 years,   Air Traffic Controllers-- 56 years,  FBI agents-- 57  years,  Lighthouse operator  -- 55  years,  National Park Ranger -- 57 years, Federal Judges-- 70  years, Physicians--N/A

According to a John Hopkins study, medical errors are the third leading cause of death.   An American College of Surgeons Statement, dated Jan 2016, offered the following comments:  Surgeons should pursue a life-long approach to wellness. Surgeons experience age-related decline in physical and cognitive skills-varies among individuals. Surgeons many not recognize deterioration in skills. Recommend starting at age 65-70, voluntary & confidential assessment.  Colleagues encouraged to bring forward performance issues.

The organization, A Way Forward, offers hope to those who struggle with substance abuse.  Debbie Platts, Executive Director and LSW Counselor, Mark Rogers, spoke to our club about this important local non-profit organization.  The mission of A Way Forward is to eliminate financial barriers to recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) and provide a trusting, welcoming, diverse and non-judgmental environment for families and individuals seeking help in the St. Vrain Valley.  Their goals include:  1) Inspire hope that people do and can recover, 2) Walk with people of their recovery journey, 3) Dispel myths about what it means to have a mental health condition or substance abuse disorder, 4) Provide self-help education and link people to tools and resources and ,5) Support people in identifying their goals, and building a path forward.

Debbie reported that throughout the pandemic, problems with use of substance abuse and alcohol  increased.  In fact the rate of alcohol-related deaths outpaced the rate of deaths for all other causes (JAMA March 2022 study).  Debbie mentioned that the staff are available 7 days a week. They are not a franchise, but rather "a community recovery center, for the community by the community". A Way Forward provides structured recovery programs, including services for Veterans, individual and family support, mental and emotional health programming and wellness and community groups.  Debbie reminded the club that A Way Forward recently received a grant from the Charity Fund for the purchase of The Hazelden Betty Ford Mental Health Series.

The presenter, Mike Vialpando, represented Longmont Power and Communication (LPC). He is the manager of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure Services)
Mike began by showing the group the electric mechanical meters currently used in Longmont that are read each month by a meter reader sent to the site.  He then showed the new smart meter that will be used as part of the advanced metering system rollout in Longmont.
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) captures the energy use of a residence or business more accurately than traditional meters. Instead of being read once per month by a meter reader, an AMI system meter reads itself for a few seconds every hour. The data allows for greater energy efficiency, a faster response to outages, better planning, and becoming a more sustainable community. The smart meter used in the AMI system allows for 2-way communication between the meter and LPC.  The meters themselves become part of a mesh network so the meters can talk to the meter next to it or to the gateway of which there are 13 connected by fiber and back to the LPC office.
The Rotary clubs of Longmont (Longmont Rotary and Twin Peaks Rotary and the Young Rotarians), have raised approximately $34,000 to help with the refugee crisis in Ukraine and bordering countries. The money is directed through the Disaster Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self  isn't just words. It’s how Rotary members take care of each other, and their communities.  Our long standing relationship was fostered through the Open World study groups, comprised of Ukrainians who came to Longmont to learn about medicine, government, media and education. Due to this long-standing, close relationship, it has been particularly difficult to watch the destruction of their country and the murder of its citizens.
To support our friends,  If you would like to donate, Click Here

Imagine! was established in 1963 as the first community-centered board in Colorado. Today Imagine! provides services to over 4,300 people with developmental, cognitive and physical challenges, with the aim to build these individuals into the fabric of their communities.

Today’s program focused on the use of technology to aid in job skills training.  Joey Long demonstrated how he learned to bus tables at a restaurant through the use of Virtual Reality. Tyler Little and Meagan Wittle explained this technology, which creates an artificial environment that a person can inhabit. Through the aid of the goggles, a person can see a full 360 view of their work space with all its features.  This project started at Left Hand Brewing in Longmont and The Sink in Boulder.  After mapping the interior spaces, the framework was created to build in the work task details.  Imagine clients could then practice their needed job skills in a safe, errorless learning environment.

With photos available from the internet, Tracey Perry shared some various snippets of Colorado history, including Longmont history. 

1) Alferd Packer is mainly known for his criminal charge of cannibalism. When taking five men on a backcountry trek, and returning to Breckenridge without them, (and looking  quite fit and well fed), was soon labeled a cannibal. No man in the history of Colorado had ever been convicted of cannibalism. His attorney pleaded his case based upon the fact that there was no law prohibiting cannibalism.  The judge found Packer guilty and he served 40 years in confinement.  Packer attained much notoriety, such that in 1967, when students at CU were given the choice to name their new cafeteria, called it The Alferd Packer Grill.  The students coined the slogan, "Have a friend for lunch".  Alferd Packer is buried in Littleton with a cement topper to prevent souvenir looting. 

2) James Cash Penney:  In 1898 he started a meat market on Main Street in Longmont which wasn’t very successful.  He eventually moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming and opened up a dry goods store, which began his launch of the nationwide company, J.C. Penney. 

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