Our Club Initiatives
Our club is involved in numerous projects throughout the year and help sponsor multiple organizations. 
If you would like to get involved with our projects, contact us or stop by a meeting for more information.

Our Local Projects

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Each year, our club partners with BookTrust to provide approximately 100 Samuel’s Elementary School students with books. We give all second-grade students the opportunity to choose and purchase their own books. Each student has a budget of $7 per month to spend on a book to take home. The program also allows teachers to choose a book for the entire class as well.
Now, for the fun part! Once books arrive, our club members get to go in and distribute books to the students. Sometimes, we even get to stay and read to them.  
Peaceful Schools
Peaceful Schools is a project that was created a few years ago by three local Rotary clubs and has since been recognized for contributing to over 2,000 schools nationwide.
Our club members began contributing a couple of years ago by working closely with Thomas Jefferson High School students and teachers from Samuel’s and Bradley Elementary schools. We create and provide an anti-bullying lesson plan to Thomas Jefferson High School students, who then teach the lesson to kindergarten classes.This involves reading a book, then breaking into small groups to discuss the anti-bullying lesson and values.
Food Pantry
Our members purchase and provide food to TJHS on various occasions throughout the school year. Food is purchased from the Food Bank of the Rockies, then delivered to TJHS, where it is given to families in need.
We have the opportunity to volunteer alongside TJHS students at the Food Bank in order to earn credits and provide more food.
Project C.U.R.E.
This project is globally impactful and involves only two hours per month. On the second Monday of every month, our members have the option to volunteer at Project C.U.R.E – a non-profit medical supply organization.
Our members sort and pack medical supplies that have been donated from local hospitals, which are then shipped to third-world countries who are lacking in these supplies. Project C.U.R.E. was started in Colorado and has since expanded across the nation to many large shipping hubs.
Santa Clothes
Santa Clothes is a member-funded project that takes place every year around the holiday season. Members and volunteers who choose to participate are each paired up with one student from TJHS. The students selected for the project are carefully chosen by the school's counselor. On the morning of the event, members and students meet at a local Kohl's prior to opening. Each student is paired up with one of our members or volunteers who then take the students on a one-hour clothes shopping-spree! 
This project is a real hoot! Ask how you can get involved.

Our Global Projects

Our club sponsors and promotes participation in numerous global initiatives throughout the year. This year, we are helping fund WaterRico. Following the horrendous impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017, most of Puerto Rico’s water supply was compromised, leaving contaminated water that is undrinkable. This project is led by the Centennial Rotary Club, which take participants to Puerto Rico to build and implement water purification devices.

Our Sponsorship

In addition to our active projects, our club sponsors and helps fund several local non-profit groups. Ask how you can contribute to these organizations. For a downloadable version, click here.
South Metro Medical Equipment Loan Closet
The Medical Equipment Loan Closet takes donations of new or used medical equipment that can be loaned out to folks who cannot afford it otherwise. This includes anything from wheelchairs and crutches to portable oxygen tank bags to rehabilitation and exercise equipment.
They are always looking for equipment and monetary donations. The Loan Closet recently had to upgrade to a new facility due to the sheer volume of equipment donations, so our club makes an annual donation to help with expenses.
The Sally Shuler Scholarship
Every year our club provides funds for the Sally Shuler Scholarship, which offers financial support to local Thomas Jefferson High School students. The students chosen for the Sally Shuler Scholarship exhibit strong values through participation in extra-curricular activities, difficult-to-balance work schedules, athletic participation, and all-around genuine, kind, and caring characteristics.
This scholarship helps students jump-start their continued education journey, whether they choose to attend a traditional four-year university, vocational school, or local community college.
Our funding for the scholarship has come from various initiatives over the years but is primarily raised through the annual Denver Wealth Management Open.
The Laundry Truck
We help fund Bayaud Enterprise’s Laundry Truck project. This project began in 2016, when Bayaud, a paper-shredding company, retired one of their commercial trucks. Rather than selling, they repurposed the truck as a mobile laundry unit for homeless folks.
The laundry truck travels around offering cleaning services to local homeless individuals who are making an effort to escape homelessness and extreme poverty.
Little Free Libraries
Little Free Libraries (LFL) is a book-exchange program spanning all across the globe. Community members post book mailboxes in their yards, at schools, etc., which affords under-privileged children and adults the opportunity to read – a right everyone should have. Folks are free to stop by and take a book or leave a book as they please.