On a chilly March afternoon in Boulder, 10 innocent lives, including that of a Boulder police officer, were cut short at the hands of a gunman armed with an assault weapon.  The following morning, Rotarians were scheduled to hear from Denver Police Officer, Sgt. Tony Lopez who was going to share his story of being shot during a routine traffic stop several years ago.  In an unforeseen twist of irony, Sgt. Lopez was unable to speak to the Club because of his work supporting the Boulder community immediately after the shooting.
In a show of support for Sgt. Lopez and the Boulder community, Rotarians attending the Tuesday morning meeting were challenged to raise $1,000 to be donated to the Boulder Relief Fund in the name of Sgt. Lopez.  To no one's surprise, our Club not only met but exceeded the challenge, raising a total of $1,170 for the effort.  Rotarians who were not present at the meeting but would like to contribute to the fund should mail their check to: