Led by Rotarian extraordinaire, Roxy Hahn, the plan was to fill 75 backpacks for second graders at Aurora's Crawford Elementary school. We learned about the significant need from President-Elect Tom Gross, whose daughter is a teacher there, and chose the school because their student population represents 19 different countries, of which 70% are English Language Learner (ELL) students. 
Recognizing the financial predicament that the families of these students are enduring, the opportunity to purchase the necessary school supplies and backpacks for these kids was difficult to overlook.  Since the staff at Crawford already relies on direct donations from staff, teachers, and other organizations, for school supplies, this turned out to be a perfect fit for the Rotary Club of Centennial. 

When I arrived, I was amazed to see how Roxy had things organized.  She had the ideal assembly line in place, from the first table loaded with backpacks to a long line of actual back-to-school basics.  Thanks to Roxy's amazing organizational skills, we were able to fill all 75 backpacks in an hour. Yes, an hour!  And for the grand finale, we then loaded the backpacks into the Jackson's Tesla for transport to Crawford Elementary school.

Following this, a number of us adjourned to Kneaders restaurant where we had an excellent lunch as well as some delicious pastries. 
This was Centennial Rotarians at work -- doing good and having fun.