Rotary Club of Elko-Desert Sunrise

We are hosting an exchange student from Spain

Alicia will be our club's 13th foreign exchange student. Every student we accept allows an Elko area student the opportunity to attend school in another country.
In the past, our club has sponsored students from Brazil, Slovakia, Mexico, Taiwan, Finland, South Africa, Argentina, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. 
Students typically stay with three different families while attending Elko High School. The sponsoring families treat the student as a member of the family except for any medical expenses which are covered by insurance. The student also gets a monthly allowance from our Rotary club.
Alicia (Ali) will be arriving from Spain in time for school in the Fall. She will stay with a local Rotarian for the first third of her year here.
Elko students also can also participate. See
The Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program is aimed at improving world relations one student at a time.  Understanding other cultures is critical to attaining a peaceful world.  There is no better way to learn about other countries and cultures, as well as your own, than living in another country.  In the RYE program a local student travels to a foreign country to live and attend high school for one school year and an exchange a student from a foreign country comes and lives in Elko and goes to school here.  Typically the students will live with three different host families in order to give them a more varied experience with local customs and people.