Our Club’s Spanish Son
Albert Schindler, our club’s Rotary Youth Exchange student from Spain is on the home stretch of his exchange year.  He has faced and overcome many challenges since his August 2019 arrival.  Improving English, taking classes such as Algebra with new vocabulary, playing soccer, and making new friends.  Three different host families (Jennifer and Curlin Archuleta, Aimee and Jordan Kendall, and Nikki and Gordon Fellows) have stepped up to provide Albert with hospitable homes and a perspective on American family life.  All of these pale, however, with the challenge provided by a March school closure due to the corona virus.  Albert has had to adjust to being home, without opportunity to interact with friends, and trying to figure out what to do.  For a 16 ¼ year old adolescent this has been tough.  Even with online classes, home chores and a caring family, it has been an unparalleled learning experience.  The willingness of the Fellows family to continue to host him during these times is greatly appreciated by all of us in the RYE program as well as by the club.  We will miss Albert when he returns to Spain at the end of the school year.
Helen Hankins, Mike Mauser and Albert Schindler at Hoover Dam