The Willow Grove Rotary Club and its members have teamed up to purchase 6 new ShelterBoxes.

ShelterBoxes are an ingenious tool used to respond to natural disasters all over the world. Each box contains a 10 person tent, tools, water purification equipment, cooking utensils, rope, a light source and blankets. These boxes are assembled and prepositioned around the world, ready for the next disaster and are swiftly delivered and deployed mainly using the network of Rotary clubs that exist in every country in the World. Each box costs $1000 and have been deployed in Haiti, Nepal, India, Indonesia and even in Houston after last years flooding.

Our club is proud to support ShelterBox, and we invite all of our friends and supporters to do so as well. Please visit their website to see more about what they do and I am sure you will be moved to help them as we have been.