Ed Nugent agreed to sit down with me this past week, and I could not have enjoyed our meeting more....Let me tell you about Ed.......Ed was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ in 1929 in an Irish and German household, as a middle child with two sisters.   In first grade, he met his future wife, a young Irish girl named Ann Celeste....they grew up in the same community and went to the same church.  As a young man, Ed enlisted in the military with four of his hometown buddies.  He served in the 25th Division, the 27th infantry regiment.  His company was relieving troops coming out of the Philippines during the Japanese occupation in WWII.  Ed came out of the service and attended Seton Hall College on the GI bill.  At one point, Ed and his friends threw a party in a local hall to celebrate coming back from the War, and guess who was in a corner....Ann Celeste...Ed and Ann got together and married at 22!