Posted by Daniel White
Hello Rotarians and Friends,
This is the final bulletin I'll be sending during my year as President. It was not the year any of us expected, but I am greatly appreciative for everyone who helped keep our club running and active while we dealt with frequent changes and restrictions. I am looking forward to the coming year with David Akers as our incoming President. I know that all of you will continue to help us work our way back to "normal" meetings and on track to become a growing, vibrant club once again.
As for our meeting this Wednesday, June 23rd, a reminder that we will be holding our meeting at the Upper Providence Community Center located in Anderson Farm Park (499 Hopwood Rd, Collegeville). We'll start at our normal meeting time of 12:10PM and we'll be getting a tour of the facility from Sue Hoffman, Director of Parks & Rec. Please remember to bring your own lunch! Also, this will be an in-person meeting only.
Tomorrow is also the last day to return Duck Race tickets at our meeting. Please hand them in to either Barry Shafer or David Akers. This is a great fundraiser for our club and we will receive money back from ticket sales which we pass on to the charity of our choosing!
We are also starting to plan for Community Days for Limerick, Royersford, and Upper Providence which happen in the August/September time frame. We need volunteers who are able to help out on either Aug 14th (Limerick) or Sept 11th (Royersford & Upper Providence). Please reach out if you're available!
Barry Shafer has set up our evening event at the Reading Fightin' Phils baseball game for August 19th. Tickets are for the picnic area and come with food/soda. Fireworks are happening after the game and I believe there is already a group of 20+ committed to going. Please contact Barry soon if you want to reserve tickets.
Tickets are on sale for the Limerick Uncorked Festival on October 2nd and we have received a very positive response so far. Tickets can be purchased here: Purchase Tickets - Limerick Uncorked | Limerick PA
(A final thank you to all of you who read this bulletin from top-to-bottom every time!)
Rotary International Vision Statement
Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
Be well,