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 Doing Good In The World--The Paul Harris Society (PHS)

The Paul Harris Society (PHS) is our district's recognition program for Rotarians who wish to support The Rotary Foundation in a more substantial way each year. After all, the one-time cost of a Paul Harris Fellowship has not changed in over 50 years to keep up with inflation and the cost of living.  The PHS gives Rotarians a way to make a very significant contribution, comparable to what it cost Rotarians in the 1950s for a Paul Harris Fellowship.


The Paul Harris Society recognizes Rotarians and friends of  Rotary who annually contribute $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation (the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, PolioPlus Partners, or Humanitarian Grants). Rotarians may become PHS members by making a commitment to donate $1,000 per year.  
CURRENT MEMBERS  - as of 6/20/18
Chris Benedict    
Ronald Black plus 1  
Bill Breslawski    
Lew Deery plus 8  
Thomas Droege    
Eugene Krasley    
Charles Laskey    
Janet Neff    
Paul Neff    
Edward Nugent plus 3  
James Oehlert plus 1  
Thomas Smith plus 2  
Timothy Tieperman    
C. Lee Wanner    
Thomas Wolpert plus 2  
Ralph Alderfer    
Barbara Black    
Melanie Bowen    
Ronald Brien    
J. Roger Cattermole    
Donald Coppedge    
James Dalton    
Dominic Dellaquilla    
Jerry Fahringer    
Bonnie Fetterolf    
Allan Freece    
David Groff    
Dana Henzler plus 2  
Glen Holcombe    
David Hunsberger    
Frank Husted    
Carl LaMastra    
Rebecca LaMastra    
Charles Lebow    
Alethea Lynch    
Joseph Manjardi    
Richard Moyer    
Richard Mull plus 1  
Donald Nelson    
Thelma Nelson    
Ronald Nettles    
Damian Petaccio plus 1  
James Roth    
John Salamone plus 1  
Dawn Shaner    
Beth Smith    
Kenneth Wadsworth    
Gale Weber    
Robert Weber    
Patricia Webster    
Robert Weikel    
Gail Wellington    
David Willauer    
Sandy Zentz