HEATHER LEWIS, Director of Resource Development at CADCOM, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this yea , spoke to the club about the organization and the many community projects and services that CADCOM offers the Norristown area. Heather is a member of Norristown city condole and daughter of new club member, Betty Lewis. She informed us on the goals of CADCOM which is to move people out of poverty, facilitating change in their lives by concentrating on community needs in education, housing, job training, and assistance in several financial areas. CADCOM is active in helping with energy service assistance, weatherization programs which improve the energy efficiency of homes in Norristown, food produce distribution through farmers market, and for cupboards. Other areas of involvement are self improvements programs such as restoring fathers to family life after incapacitation, tech training in commercial driving, medical work, and other tech jobs leading to a family living wage. They also provide tax prep help and assistance understanding the judicial system helping those in need through the court processes.
We are participating with CADCOM in one of their annual programs, the TRUNK-OR-TREAT program on Halloween next Monday.
Fro further information on all that CADCOM does, visit their website:  www.cadcom.org
Also speaking to the club, was DAVE MURRAY, from UNIVERSAL COPY AND PRINT,  which , while being a full service copy shop and UPS center, also offers trade training and apprintiships in partnership with CADCOM.