On June 30, 2015, an Installation dinner for the Conrad Weiser Rotary Club was held at the Stouch Tavern in Womelsdorf.  New officers and board directors were welcomed to their positions.  Elected as president to the Conrad Weiser Rotary Club, Greg Werner received the gavel from Past-President Keegan Worley..  Others installed include President -Elect Keegan Worley, Secretary Sandra Kuchar, Treasurer George Pyle, Board Directors Pam Colleti, Lynn Kreider and John Levan, Foundation Chair J. Robert Kehrli, and Membership Chair Sandra Kuchar.  Other members in attendance were Miriam Smith, Sharon Levan, Stratton Yatron, Ken Buck, Carl Sabold. Tom Drexler, John Hampson, and Fred Krott.  Awarded for their perfect attendance during the year were Keegan Worley, George Pyle, Greg Werner and Sharon Levan.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We welcome the new officers and board members to the Conrad Weiser Rotary Club for the year effective July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.