Posted by James S. Rodgers on Sep 06, 2017
Central Perkiomen Rotary gives state of the art computers to families in need.
Once again the Central Perkiomen Rotary stepped up to the plate off the field by funding 15 notebook computers for Perkiomen Valley students in need.  In the past we made these gifts available at Christmas time however, due to our recent collaboration with The Perkiomen Foundation, they put us is closer contact with PVSD counselors and  Superintendent Barb Russell.  In discussions with Foundation members, it was suggested that if we made the computers available at the beginning of the school year it would make a much bigger impact.
Once again we partnered with Springford Rotarian Marc Umstead and Compuship in Royersford to supply the computers.  Marc had his team preinstall all the software which included MS Home and School.   In early September, the first full week of school the presentation was made in the P.V.H.S. Library.  Ten units were distributed through the High School, 3 units were distributed through the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry at St, Mary's Church and 2 more through the Daily Bread Food Pantry.
This was at least the fourth year we were fortunate enough to be able to give back to the community in this way.  This initiative was the brainchild of our outgoing President Barry Aiken, so a three cheers to Barry for making it happen.
Inclosing,  this past fall, one of our members Pat Hoffman (Kona Ice) was working an event at a pharmaceutical company in the area.  Pat displayed Rotary signs on his vehicle.  Long story short.  A security guard came up to him at the event and they started talking.  The guard went on to tell Pat that one of his children received one of those computers a year or two before and it was because of that computer he was able to get the job as a security guard where he was working.   Life is good!