Club Membership
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Carl Bennitt:  Retired Pace Lithographers
Dwight Boutwell:  Owner of Biffwell Enterprises State Trucking
Mathew Briglio:  Briglio and Cheung CPA's
Patti Briglio:  Briglio and Cheung CPA's
Steven Chang:  Law Office of Steven Chang
Andy Crawford:  Food Research Scientist
Gene Eddings:  Retired Education Administrator
Paul Gough: State Farm Insurance
Gabriel Griego: Principal at Bassett High School
Doris Hauser:  Retired Library Service
Pamela Heintz:  United Pumping Service
Chandra Howden:  Servant Arms Community Organization
James Johnson:  Retired Superintendent of HLPUSD
Mary Ann King:  Retired Entertainment Business
Charles Klinakis:  Alert Industries
John Kramer: Retired Superintendent of HLPUSD
Patricia McIntosh:  self Employed Public Speaking
Ronald Mcpeak: Retired Western Insurance Marketing
Patrick Medlock:  Patrick Medlock CPA
Delia Morales:  Retired School Administrator
Alex Rojas:  Superintendent of BUSD
Vicky Rossier:  Retired School Administrator
Time Seal:  Delhaven Community Center
Cartha Tennille:  Retired School Administrator