Posted by Kenneth Macy on Feb 19, 2022

International Service Update 2/16/2022

Member Judi Sherman is the Club International Service Chair
Judi has been working with the Oakland Club on contributing to the Rotary Global Grant project in Guatemala, GG2125542.  
Peter Sherris of the Oakland Club shared this update and progress report from Michael Bakal, founder of Voces y Manos the group doing the work on the Water Project:
Peter, thank you for all your leadership in making this global grant come to fruition, and huge thanks to each of you for your support. Having spent the past four weeks working alongside the implementing team in Rabinal, I can say that the impacts of this project are already being felt. Three Voces y Manos technicians and an intern have been working tirelessly and with great dedication to improve the quality of life of farmers struggling to survive amidst climate change. 
A particularly poignant example comes from Oscar, our newest technician. He and his father have been working on a model parcel in their remote community of Xesiguan. In a short span of time, they've planted banana trees, coffee plants, chard, and a range of other vegetables. They have begun using cover crops, and contour barriers to reduce topsoil loss on their steeply sloped parcel. And, just this week, they installed a drip irrigation system! Not only this, but the parcel serves as a model and an inspiration for other farmers in the village. See the pictures below. 
With gratitude,