Posted by Kenneth Macy on Sep 19, 2022
Club member Linda Deal led the Rotary's participation in the annual River & Road Cleanup, the last several years of which the Cleanup has been part of the Greater California Coastal Cleanup.  About a dozen of the club members showed up at the Felton Bridge Park site to help in the effort.. Linda kept track of the amount of trash taken from the river and surrounding roads and highways and reported over 1,000 pounds were picked up, bagged and deposited at the park for pick-up later that afternoon.  Follow the link to READ MORE for more pictures of the volunteers.
Linda Deal
Partial list of SLV Rotarian Volunteers: Linda Deal, Charlie Johnson, Robin Musitelli, Franziska Sievers, Eugenio Grappa, Michelle Grappa, Camille Grappa, Justin Acton, Cindy Sekkel.
Charlie Johnson, Robin Musitelli, Franziska Sievers                                                    Linda Deal
Bruce McPherson, Justin Acton                                                             Bruce McPherson, Ken Macy, Linda Deal
Bruce McPherson, Ken Macy, Linda Deal, Brackin Andrews, Franziska Sievers, Andrew Gliesman