Posted by Kenneth Macy on Oct 25, 2022

Savita Vaidhyanathan, District 5170 Governor

Savita Vaidhyanathan served as president of the Rotary Club of Cupertino in 2013-14.  Her theme was Local Heartbeat, Global Outreach. She also held roles as Chair of World Services Committee, member of Club's Board and Endowment Foundation Board.  She organized and chaired several fundraisers for the club.  She is a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation.
Savita served as advisor for projects in India, Kenya, and Mexico, and led a team of Rotarians on a tour to India of the projects where she was Primary contact on the global grants. She is a graduate of the District Leadership Academy and was invited as SIG (renamed ERL – Emerging Rotary Leader) at the Zone Institute. Savita served as District Community Service Chair in 2019- 2020. As DGE she was the chair of the banquet in honor of Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones – view two photographs from the event in the July 2022 edition of the Rotary magazine. Savita is an active member of the local community. She served on the Cupertino City Council and as Mayor of Cupertino in 2017. She was a member of the Boards of Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and West Valley Community Services. Savita is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum and is currently Co-Chair of the De Anza Community College Commission. Savita and her husband, Doc Vaidhyanathan live in Cupertino. Their daughter works and lives with her husband and baby in San Francisco. Savita is a doting grandmother to her grandson and plans to get rejuvenated by him to keep her energetic through her year as District Governor.