Posted by Kenneth Macy on Aug 05, 2022

Use Convenient Paypal or Credit Card

It's that time, beginning the Rotary Year, when we all pay our dues for membership in the Rotary Club of San Lorenzo Valley.  Remember that we've increased our annual dues from $200 to $300 for individuals and twice that for our corporate members - yes, we have one. 
You will be receiving a single invoice requesting payment in full, but if that is too strenuous, then please just let Treasurer Ed or assistant Ken know that you will be spreading out your dues and what time-frame you might be aiming for.  The easiest payment method is probably via cash or check handed in-person to Ed at a meeting.  He's got a checklist to keep track; but in this time of transition, we might slip up and forget a tick-mark on the checklist, be patient we'll get it right.  Next easiest is mailing a check to the Club PO Box (#294, Felton, 95018).  We have two other means of payment: the first is Paypal.  I'll be putting the Paypal "Pay Dues" button back up on the club website.  Clicking that button will lead you through the process of electronic payment.  Using Paypal is convenient, but there is a fee of $10.96 added to cover Paypal fees.  Also, we can process your dues payment via credit card now and the fee of $8.11 is also added to the current dues amount.