Plastic Pollution Threats
Apr 17, 2019
Patrizia Materassi
Plastic Pollution Threats

Patrizia Materassi is originally from Brazil daughter of Italian Immigrants from Florence.  She is a Land Use Consultant, and a Sustainability Strategist.

For the last 15 she has been operating a home-based private practice - Sustainable Development & Planning.  Patrizia has reviewed and approved thousands of local development projects, environmental reviews, updated City General Plans, and more.  Recently specializing in certifying ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) via the County Amnesty Program. She makes sure the projects are feasible to the developer/property owner and an asset to the community and to future generations.  

Patrizia has 2 young adult sons, Pierre and GianCarlo and her husband is Kim Shultz, a Trustee at the SV School District. She has a passion for environmental sustainability and wants to help reduce plastic pollution in the one big Ocean by working with schools all over the world.