San Lorenzo Valley
United States of America

        A legend had grown in the San Lorenzo Valley about a great event that had brought the entire community together, overcoming issues of dissension and bringing happiness to thousands. For years, SLV folks (joined by hundreds of outside visitors) came in free shuttle buses to Highlands Park for a weekend of arts and music that was wonderful… they called it, “The Faire,” but its official name was closer to “The Redwood Mountains Fine Arts & Crafts Faire and Folk Music Festival.” Gone but not forgotten, twelve years after the last one, Julie Hendriks listened to her adult son’s words when he said, “Mom, I miss the Faire. Why can’t it be put on again?” Inspired, she proposed to the Valley Women’s Club that the Faire be renewed, and that it might find a new and better venue at Roaring Camp. Happily, the VWC concurred. Even better, Roaring Camp’s owner/operator, Georgiana Clark, who was Julie’s close friend, was enticed to give it a try.