Sister Cities of Morgan Hill honored Rotary Club of Morgan Hill for its “invaluable support” in 2019 as the Sister Cities organization established a new international relationship with Ameca, Mexico. gmh Today magazine featured the September 2019 trip by city officials and Rotarians when the Morgan Hill delegation met with officials in Ameca to formerly exchange Sister City proclamations.

The Club was honored as Sister Cities’ 2019 Outstanding Philanthropist at the Morgan Hill Community Foundation’s annual Philanthropy Night celebration Nov. 15.


Our Club has worked with the Rotary Club of Ameca since 2009. We’ve donated computers for schools, an ambulance, medical supplies, and fire protection gear and have experienced wonderful fellowship with the community. So, when the Sister Cities organization was looking to add Ameca to its roster of city-to-city connections, representatives from our club were asked to be part of a delegation along with representatives from Sister Cities, Kiwanis Club of Morgan Hill, the City of Morgan Hill, and the Morgan Hill Unified School District. The delegation traveled to Ameca in September to formalize the relationship.

For additional information, read the Morgan Hill Times story as well as the press release from Sister Cities.