Our club paid for and helped mount 56 banners with the senior pictures of students from Ann Sobrato, Central, Live Oak, and Oakwood High Schools throughout downtown. In April, Service Projects Director John McKay invited all interested members of the club to join meetings to discuss how to help our community during our shelter in place. Many ideas were discussed, one of which was how to honor the Class of 2020 graduating from schools within the boundaries of the Morgan Hill Unified School District. Initially, we discussed getting lawn/window signs for the students who wanted them. But we learned that at least a couple of high schools were selling them as fundraisers for some of their programs. Then, during a Zoom happy hour that involved both John McKay, Youth Services Director Mario Banuelos, and council member Larry Carr, the idea of putting banners bearing senior photos throughout downtown was discussed. Mario brought that idea to the Board for approval. Signtech-Postal Stop designed and printed the banners and on the morning of May 29, a few Rotarians joined up with several members of the Kiwanis Club (who had prior experience hanging banners downtown) as well as Larry Carr to get all the banners hung. The group was supported by some City maintenance staff who provided some equipment and instructions. After about 4 and half hours, all the banners were up. It was great fun to coordinate with Kiwanis and to see folks coming downtown to find their photos. The banners will be up for about a month so people can search for themselves, their loved ones, or their friends.