Congratulations to this year's Elementary School Achievement Award winners! The students, their families, teachers, and principals were honored at our meeting on Nov. 6. It is so inspiring to hear about these outstanding young people.

From left to right: Brooke Ledwith - 5th grade Nordstrom Elementary, Olivia Scatena - 5th grade El Toro Health Science Academy, Gage Seacrist - 5th grade Barrett Elementary, Jacob Meininger - 5th grade P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy, Rui Qian Khor - 5th grade Los Paseos Elementary, Mikaela Mnoza - 8th grade Oakwood School, Madeline Mienders - 5th grade Paradise Valley Engineering Academy, and Yulissa Hernandez Martinez - 8th grade San Martin Gwinn Environmental Science Academy and Dual Immersion Program. Photo courtesy of Lanae Bays MHUSD

Thanks to Leonette Stafford and Steve Betando for putting the program together and to all the principals, teachers, parents and family of the students for your inspiration and nurturing. These young people give us all hope for the future.