Oct 11, 2017
Rotarians and City Officials
Rotary Bridge in the Downtown Creek Park/Rotary Slide in the Nob Hill Project

Meeting to celebrate our club’s gift to the City of Morgan Hill to enhance the new downtown parks with a pedestrian bridge called the Rotary Bridge in the Downtown Creek Park and a recreational slide called Rotary Slide in the Nob Hill Trail Park. The $100,000 gift is the largest single gift in the Club’s history. The parks are expected to open in November 2018.

Many Rotarians worked on this project over the past several years, including Club Presidents: Laura Lundy 2012-13, Brad Ledwith 2013-14, Peter Anderson, 2014-15; David Conragan, 2015-16; Theresa Kiernan, 2016-17 Randy Toch 2017-18. Special shout-outs to the members of the Service Projects Committee: Jeff Perkins, Service Projects Chair, 2017; John McKay and Bob Foster, Project Leads; Peter Andersen, Sam Carlson, David Conragan, Chris Foster, Arlene Greenberg, Judy Henry, Theresa Kiernan, Roger Knopf, Laura Lundy, Terry Moriyama and Steve Tate. Terry Moriyama, Service Projects Chair, 2016.


The Rotary Bridge in the Downtown Creek Park is a 30-foot pedestrian footbridge over Little Llagas Creek is located between 2nd and 3rd streets in the Downtown Creek Park. The bridge will ease access for people coming from the west side of Monterey Road.


Rotary Slide in the Nob Hill Trail Park is a long green slide, in two segments, sits in a woodland area atop Nob Hill, with access off 3rd St. and 5th St. The slide is on the hill in front of the prominent green water tank facing the downtown. The feature has two sections, with the 21-foot upper segment giving a gentler ride and the lower 35-foot lower segment offering more excitement. Landings for both slides will also serve as observation platforms to enjoy high, Eastern views of the city. The slides, landing and connecting service trails were not included in the base park project budget, thus the Rotary contribution ensured inclusion in the park.