Sep 27, 2017
Hope International - Around the World
Clifferd Dick and Michelle Waite


From our commencement more than 4 decades ago HOPE International Development Agency’s intent has been to transform the world by helping one person, one family, one community at a time. 

HOPE’s core objective is to do our work in a manner that focuses on the self-expressed needs of neglected individuals, families, and communities subject to abject poverty in the developing world. Having good intentions when presented with the issues is not enough. Lasting transformation becomes possible when the conviction of our belief – that the poorest of the poor must have the opportunity to become self-reliant through their own efforts – is fueled by a steadfast commitment to be a key component of this transformation. 

In 2016 HOPE supported projects in 20+ countries in the Americas, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa through offices in the USA, the UK, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada.

CLIFFERD DICK – President, HOPE International Development Agency USA 

Clifferd met one of the HOPE founders in the Acropole Hotel in Khartoum (Sudan) in the 1980s, and has been associated with HOPE and it’s work to extend compassion to the neglected poor in the developing world since then. He has lived and worked in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal and Cambodia. In his work with HOPE he has managed and visited projects in most of the 20-30 countries where HOPE annually works. 

Undergraduate education in the USA and Canada. Graduate degree in International Policy from the University of Bristol (UK).


Michelle’s goal in life is to be the most effective purpose-driven, creative collaborator and connector in the world. After a 5 year stint working and living in Singapore, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

A successful veteran in B2B international business development and marketing leadership, she has more recently reinvented herself as an impact investor, social entrepreneur and marketing exec in tech. A strong believer in the Conscious Capitalism movement, she advocates for business doing good while doing well. 

Michelle has volunteered with HOPE in Asia and the USA, helping coordinate events, and has also visited development projects in Cambodia and the Philippines.