Rotary Club of Freedom

March 10, 2015 Club Meeting eBulletin


Meeting called to order by President Vince at 12:30 PM

Pledge: Manny

Thought of Day:  Martin “None of us is as good as all of us.” by Roy Kroc.


-Bob Johnson

Visiting Rotarians

-Ed Banks – Watsonville Rotary Club

-Rocky Franich – Watsonville Rotary Club

Announcements & Correspondence:

-Rocky announced a joint meeting of the Watsonville Rotary Club and the Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce.  The Freedom Rotary Club is welcome to attend.

-Trina & Gloria made announcements about Casino Night and donations.

-Lynne announced Second Saturday on the Farm with an upcoming theme of robotics.

-Ron announced Rotary at the Warriors night & then auctioned off several Warriors related items.

-John announced that Casino Night sponsorships are needed by 3/17.

Detective, conducted by Lynne on Trivia

-Manny, Katy, Gloria (fined covered by Lynne), Martin, and Ron were fined $5.

Raffle, conducted by Heather in honor of the upcoming Yosemite Trip, ice cream social.

-Kirk, Martin, Fred, Rocky, and Ben were all awarded ice cream.

Guest Speaker:  Freedom Rotary Club member Ben Post speaks to the club on the upcoming Yosemite Trip, April 30 through May 1.   Twelve students from the Rotary Youth Exchange (International Students) will be attending.  Hiking, rafting, sightseeing, stargazing, and plenty of good eating to be had.  Parking spots are limited, please coordinate with others.  The kitchen will be set up in a centralized area that most sites back up to.  At present, nearly 60 people are planning to attend.

Adjournment: 1:30 PM