2017 Rotarian of the Year

   At our Installation Evening at Fairwinds last Tuesday - we said "Thank-you" to President Don White for his leadership and patience over the past year and welcomed our new President, Melina Snyder and her Officers and Directors for 2017-2018.
   Don's last task, as outgoing President, was to select and announce the Rotarian of the Year for 2016-2017.  He did a great job, selecting Harry Helfrich.  Harry has been our Club Treasurer for (many) years, was the primary organizer behind our successful beer tent and hot dog stand at Foam Fest last month, and is an active supporter of all the Club's activities.  A worthy recipient, indeed, of our Rotarian of the Year.  Congratulations Harry.
   For those not 'in the know' - that's Harry on the left...