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Update June 5th

Whisky Fest POSTPONED TO 2021
Dear Whiskyfest and Rotary Supporters,
We are posting this update to 2020 Whiskyfest which was postponed on March 14, 2020 due to the COVID19 social distancing criteria.
We wish to thank those that are such strong supporters of the event and who support the community projects that we want to continue to be involved in, such as the Starfish Backpack program,  our high school student bursaries, and adult education bursaries to name a few.
It is with regret that we expect our event will not be able to be held in 2020.  We would like to ask our attendee’s to chose from one of the following scenarios with respect to your 2020 Whiskyfest ticket.
Continue to hold your tickets and use them for the 2021 Whiskyfest which we hope to hold in March 2021.
Donate your ticket price to Rotary so that we can continue our good work in the community and help those in need.
 Contact us at  
or Facebook messenger with your name, ticket number, if available or your online receipt number for a refund of your ticket purchase(s). One of our club members will contact you to arrange an E transfer of funds or refund cheque.
 We thank you all for your continued support and ask that you look forward to 2021 as we are sure the next event will be the best of all time.
Whiskey Fest 2012

Rotary Club of
Duncan Daybreak