I'm dreaming of a white Christmas - or first week of November!  One thing for sure is that despite the cooler weather outside, we always have a warm atmosphere at Rotary!  And hot coffee too.
Please join us for our regular meeting Thursday at noon.  Ross Jahnke will be presenting to us about a topic which is very relevant, especially to our kids and schools. 
Ross is a juvenile probation officer with Wright County and has particular knowledge of the effects on kids of social media, texting, cell phones, bullying online, etc.  These concerns are not limited to teenagers, but this will be the focus of his presentation.
Ross was one of the speakers last spring at the community symposium at Howard Lake-Waverly High School and I heard good reviews about his information.  Like many issues in our community, I think we will all be surprised to hear what is going on in our small towns.  We will also learn how to help reduce those effects on our students.