We will meet on Thursday at noon at the Cokato City Hall for our regular Rotary meeting.  The program will be presented by Wright County Community Action.  Their mission is:  working in partnership with the community, to empower residents to improve their physical, social, and economic well-being.  This seems like an organization that shares many beliefs similar to ours in Rotary!
September 11, 2001.  I was a senior at DC High School, entering Mr. Hungerford's college chemistry lab.  We turned on the TV instead and watched the events unfold with Mr. Lhotka's science class.  I don't remember MLK jr, JFK, Elvis, barely remember the Twins' World Series Titles.  I will never forget that memory. 
I also remember how patriotic we got and how unified we felt that fall through school and Homecoming week in particular.  The whole school was on the same team, less rivalries between classes and even between opponents on the football field.  Maybe you noticed a similar change in the world at that time.  Let's work as Rotarians to build unity in our communities and celebrate the great things Dassel and Cokato have to offer.
Upcoming schedule:
Sep 20 - ** No regular Noon Meeting ** Social at Bait & Hook back room 5:30 PM
Sep 25 - Tentative first STRIVE intro meeting
Oct 4 - DC School Levy/Bond presentation ** Note date change
Oct 27 - Day for girls, service project at Cokato City Hall
Oct 28 - Mandy Erickson Benefit, ask Kelly for more info on how to help