Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!!  Thanks to everyone who could make it last Thursday to pick up trash!  We had an amazing turnout!  The bed of our pickup was so full we had to send trash home with people.  Also a huge THANK YOU  to Peter for letting us dispose the bags of trash in his dumpster at work.  Peter you are the best!  
Happy Birthday Week to Dory!  
We are going to have a Zoom Meeting again this week.  We are going to start at 12:20.  So please save the date and time.  Sue Wood will send out the link on Wednesday (Yeah Sue!!!!) and then we can all sign in on Thursday.  I want to use this meeting to go around the group and do a Happy Buck's sharing, please come prepared as you normally do with a HB story.  You know, something you are thankful for, or an interesting fact, what ever you want.  We will collect those HB when we get back to our normal Thursday meetings.  
Hope to see you Thursday!