'Under 35' Membership Option

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The “Under 35” membership option is offered by the Rotary Club of Tysons Corner to give younger members a more affordable way of being fully involved in the meetings and activities of the Club.  It gives these members the opportunity to attend weekly meetings but to opt for a lower-cost alternative of juice and coffee rather than being billed for a full breakfast every week.  Since the majority of a member’s quarterly bill is for breakfast charges, this option can significantly reduce the financial burden on younger members.


The “Under 35” membership option is available to individuals who are under the age of 35 at the time they are inducted into the Club.  This option is good for two years or until the member turns 35, whichever comes first.  After that time the member will start receiving the regular quarterly bill for dues, all weekly breakfasts, and optional Paul Harris donation. 


At the weekly breakfast meetings, “Under 35” members will have the option of paying $5 cash for juice and coffee/tea only.  They will not be billed in advance for the full cost of every weekly breakfast.  If an “Under 35” member wishes to eat breakfast, he or she has the option of purchasing breakfast at any meeting at the current regular rate ($19 per breakfast). 

In addition, “Under 35” members will pay the standard Club dues (currently $45 per quarter), which covers dues to Rotary International, Rotary District 7610, and the Rotary Club of Tysons Corner.  “Under 35” members will also be encouraged to make the voluntary donation of $25 per quarter to The Rotary Foundation toward their Paul Harris Sustaining Membership.


 “Under 35” members will be expected to maintain the same attendance as other Rotarians.  The attendance goal of Rotary is 100 percent (attending every week), but the minimum attendance requirement to remain a member in good standing is 50 percent.  Attendance credits are also given for participation in Club service projects, social events, Board meetings, and committee meetings.  In addition, Rotarians can “make up” a missed meeting by attending the meeting of another Rotary club, or by attending a District or Rotary International event.  Thus, while perfect attendance is the ideal, the minimum attendance would be two breakfasts and/or Rotary events per month.

The “Under 35” membership option was approved by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Tysons Corner on Nov. 19, 2012.