Many thanks to Betsy and Doug Nordstrom, the hosts of the club’s fall fundraiser on October 26. Thanks also to the following club members and friends who worked at the event: Eng Braun, Fe’ Semira, Judy Levine, Bailey Lagman, Heather Dyer, Joan Tillett, Kevin Frost, Monica Tutte and Mike Kafka. Betsy and Doug opened their home for the café and the five vendors: Surroundings, Remitts, Totally Wired, Embellishments, and Norwex.

Betsy and Doug Nordstrom, hosts of the October club event.


Doug Nordstrom, Eng Braun, Monica Tutte, and Bailey Lagman in the kitchen preparing and serving lunch for the café.


The tasty and enticing bake sale table.


A shopper checking out the whimsical items for the home on the Totally Wired display.