Posted by Priscilla Thain on Sep 18, 2017
Club members gathered at Sprecher’s on September 11 for the Rotarian of the Year award, and to introduce Bea, the club’s 2017-18 exchange student from Brazil, and the newest members of the club Erin Hastey and Kevin Frost. The event was organized by Betsy Nordstrom with her fantastic arrangement skills.
Fe’ Semira, Eng Braun, Bea from Brazil, Stephanie Stetson, and Bruce Harville at Sprecher’s on September 11.
Bruce Harville, Betsy and Doug Nordstrom, Stephanie Stetson, and Steve Schwerbel.
Zoe and Joan Tillett, Bea’s host family, Erin & Rafeal Hastey, Jerry Thain and Eng Braun.