On September 27, Madison Breakfast Rotary reached a milestone of two million pounds of books collected for the Books for the World program.


The project started 2005 by Carol and Bob Dombroski, who collected books in their basement for shipment to Africa.  Breakfast Rotary took over the project a few years later. . In an interview on Channel 3000, Carol Dombroski told host Mary Jo Ola,, that this is part of a national mission to support children in impoverished parts of the world who do not have access to books.  The books have been shipped to impoverished areas of southern Africa, Central and South America, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  Carol and Bob have visited a school in South Africa and helped build a library for the books.

Thom Weiss said that they ship ten semi- loads of books a year to Houston where they are put on a container ship to go to the countries.  The biggest expense is shipping.  A truck load shipped to Houston costs $2500 a year.Carol and Bob had a dinner the night of September 26 with club members to honor the main players, Bill Braun, Thom Weiss and Barb and Charlie Clemmons.  However, the Clemmonses were delayed and arrived on Saturday.  The Books for the World program was started 14 years ago by Houston Rotarians Barb and Charlie Clemmonse of the Second Wind Foundation.  Rotary International Director Mary Beth Growney Saline’s company donated the Books for the World sign outside the warehouse at the site of Madison College. 

Link to an interview Carol Dombroski and Thom Weiss did with Channel 3 news:
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