Martin Rouse, Autumn Sanchez, and Ace Hillard, October 22 speakers

Education is one true pathway toward a better life, and UW-Madison has plenty of help for returning  students, Martin Rouse, Dean and Director of Adult Career and Special Students told Breakfast Rotary on October 22.  He was accompanied by two advisors, Autumn Sanchez and Ace Hillard.   They support returning adult students with workshops, scholarships and advising.  They help special students with admissions and sponsor the senior guest auditors program. They also have a career advising center for career changes.  The Odyssey Program, in which students without any college experience, earn 6 credits of education, is part of this Division. 

There are two pathways to admission:  freshmen take the ACT or a transfer pathway. A student not admitted to UW-Madison who takes college elsewhere and gets a B average, can reapply.   Under the Badger Ready program, a student who takes 12 credits as a special student and gets a B average, will be guaranteed admission.

Our thanks to Martin Rouse, Autumn Sanchez, and Ace Hillard for their presentation and visit to the club.