Matthew Bekkering heads Medical Dynamics, a firm that offers advice and medical products for people with chronic disease.
He informed club members about support and products that ease coping with diabetes and arthritis, ailments that affect a large proportion of the population. There are products that improve circulation in patients with diabetes. Among them are shoes and orthotic inserts that improve arch support and circulation in the extremities. Failure of circulation can lead to infections and amputations. Monitoring blood sugar level is important to controlling diabetes and new meters can be used for blood drawn from sites other than finger tip and measure blood pressure at the same time. A variety of devices, primarily braces of various sorts, can reduce pain and improve articulation of joints for people with osteoarthritis.

Bekkering advised that the people with prediabetes or a diagnosis of early diabetes can, within six months, lower blood sugar by a combination of weight control and exercise. Its Type 2 diabetes that is increasing rapidly in the mature population, the increases linked to poor food choices, lack of exercise, and obesity. A number of medications may be used to increase insulin production, raise its effectiveness, or lower food absorption. Most have notable adverse side effects. Good sugars and good food sources are important in prevention and amelioration of diabetes and may obviate the need for medications. Type I diabetes is strongly genetic and occurs in younger people. Symptoms of established disease include frequent urination, breath odor and thirst.

Thank you Matthew Bekkering for the presentation, and thanks to George Yelder who arranged the program.