Club members gathered at the home of Thom and Brenda Weiss on Sunday August 3 for a cookout and birthday cake, to say farewell to Tomas, our exchange student from the Czech Republic from a couple of years ago.  Tomas visited Madison for a month and stayed with the Weisses.  Tomas had offered to do chores for club members and did some gardening with Helen Baldwin on Monday July 21and cooked an Asian dinner and a pie with Eng and Bill Braun on Sunday, July 27.  Club members were invited.

Tomas had spoken to the club on July 28 when he showed slides of Prague, where he has started at Medical School, right out of high school.  In the Czech Republic, he has joined Rotex, for former outbounds and also Roteract which supports an orphanage. and where they will start teaching English.