Madison City Tours are “tours for Inquisitive Minds,” March Schweitzer, owner and manager told Breakfast Rotary on October 24. After discovering that there wasn’t a Madison tour company in Madison, March took a course for travel directors, read 20-40 books on Madison and set up “Madison Tours” our of her own home and bought a van.


March focuses on three types of guide work:   Meeting tour buses and guiding through Madison; tours for companies hiring upper level people; and 2-3 hour custom sightseeing, such as to Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, ethic neighborhoods, or beer and wine tours.  She does not offer a daily tour.


On a general tour of Madison, she starts at Olin Turville Park and shows the Madison skyline.  Then she goes to the square, spending 20 minutes in the Capitol, one of the three most beautiful Capitol buildings in the country.  The tour continues to Mansion Hill with its 1850’s buildings, the university with a stop at Observatory Drive, the First Unitarian Society Frank Lloyd Wright designed church, University Heights, the zoo, and Olbricht Gardens.  In the spring, March gives student tours to area 8th graders in Washington, D.C., New York, and the East Coast.  March feels that the City of Madison doesn’t advertise itself enough, especially its Frank Lloyd Wright connection.