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Sponsors of the Wisconsin Operation:

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1)  Welton Enterprises:  in-kind donation of 4,500 square feet of warehouse space which serves as our book processing center in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Welton Enterprises has been a sponsor since the origin of the program in Wisconsin.

2)  Hallman Lindsay Paint Company:  in-kind donation; transport of books from locations across Wisconsin to the book processing center in Middleton, Wisconsin.

3)  Alsum Transport:  discounted shipping of semi-truck loads of books from the Middleton book processing center to the container port in LaPorte, Texas.  Alsum Transport has delivered 28 out of 30 total shipments through 2012.

4)  Stellar Services:  in-kind donation of cardboard boxes for packing books.  Stellar donates more that half of the 6,000 boxes which are needed each year, and they have been a sponsor since the origin of the program in Wisconsin.

5)  Ad Press Inc.:  in-kind donation of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and other supplies needed for packing books.  Ad Press donates a substantial number of boxes that we need each year.

6)  Future Foam Inc.:  in-kind donation of foam packing materials as well as access to their restrooms during work days at the book processing center (no restrooms at the center).

7)  United Way of Dane County:  we have the ability to list our book processing events on the UWDC on-line calendar which is accessible to potential volunteers from local companies and service organizations.  Each year, more than 500 volunteers are connected to our program via this resource.

8)  The Second Wind Foundation:  The Second Wind Foundation is the funding arm of the Books for the World program.  The SWF contributes approximately $75,000 to purchase sea containers and fund shipping expenses from the container port in LaPorte, Texas to the ports of final destination for the 6 to 7 Wisconsin shipments annually.