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Club member Elizabeth Biberger (teambiberger) writes, "Two hours picking blueberries yields 57 pounds of blueberries for Nourish Cowichan, volunteer hours for five QMS students and a volunteer opportunity for the Rotary Club of Duncan. . ."

"I had the opportunity this spring to represent the seller of this blueberry farm in his sale to Dan Adelman. Given the timing of the transaction Dan knew he could not mount a commercial pick this season. He contacted Fatima at Nourish Cowichan and offered them the berries. I saw this as a great volunteer project for the Rotary Club of Duncan. Easy social distancing and a great payback for the community. Volunteers from the Club have been out picking. This was my team last night. It consisted of Michelle Nelford from Team Biberger, who is absent from the photo, my cousin Jean McCreary, her daughter Hayley Picard along with her two children Ethan and Rowan, Bennett Telfer and Isaac and Noah Bird. Great job everyone!!"

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