October is Rotary International's Economic and Community Development month, so we wanted to introduce one of our Rotary club members who uses her creativity to showcase the best of our community in "A Memorable Gift"!

Owner and gift basket connoisseur Tina Short assures us, "When I get orders for 68 baskets at a time during COVID-19, it makes me happy to know that I am providing business to local suppliers."

Keep reading for our full interview!

Tell us more, Tina . . . What are you known for? How does your business promote "Economic and Community Development"?

I am known for volunteering for everything. Where there is a need, I want to help. I first got into this business 21 years ago because I wanted a job where people were happy to see me. I love putting smiles on people's faces. I have always promoted Canadian made gifts but since I moved to the island 7 years ago, I have been promoting more and more local.  When I get orders for 68 baskets at a time during COVID-19, it makes me happy to know that I am providing business to local suppliers.  

Tell us about the "First Face" or impressions of Rotary for you . . Was it a person, place or thing?

In my volunteering with Cowichan Family Life Association (CFLA), I became the Garden Tour Coordinator for the 2019 Garden Tour. It was their major fundraiser. I met Nora Dowsett who had a lovely garden and had been in the Garden Tour several years prior and was willing to be in the tour for 2020 which we had to cancel due to COVID. She was the one who invited me to attend a Rotary meeting and I was hooked by the warm and welcoming and generous people at the luncheon. What made me want to join Rotary is that they all wanted to be of service to the community. I had found my tribe :)

Do you have a favourite Rotary project or event?

My favourite event was the Gala earlier this year and I have also enjoyed the learning that has come with organizing our first online garage sale auction. It is amazing how much our club has accomplished in such a short time frame and getting the learning out of the way so that we can have an amazing auction in February.

How have you grown by becoming a Rotarian?

I have learned so much about how service clubs work. In truth because of other commitments, COVID and my surgery, I was not as participatory as I normally would be but that should change as I re-evaluate which charities to continue to support and which to step down from.  There are so many wonderful clubs and charities, it is difficult to say NO, but it is best to do one or two really well than to be all things to everyone.

We are sure glad to have you as a member of our club, Tina! Our community is thankful to share in your caring through gift baskets!

---> Find out more about "A Memorable Gift" at Tina's website

Illustrations by Debbie Vance - Rotary Graphics