"When I retired, I looked for a way to contribute to community service in a meaningful way, given the new openings on my calendar. I was inclined to consider Rotary for several reasons... I knew very little about Rotary, other than my son’s experience with RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) many years ago, and the fact that it seemed to major in community projects like benches and playgrounds and welcome signs which bore its logo. Very quickly, I added Polio Eradication to that list as I became aware that being a member of this club connected me with a larger purpose that spanned the globe. Then I learned about Leighton’s orchard project, and I discovered that there was much more to Rotary than serving up pancakes and sausages on Duncan Day... An opportunity has opened its door and it appears that I’m stepping through."

Getting to know Gregg with a few Rotary-related questions...
Tell me about the "first face" or impressions of Rotary for you - ie was it a person, place or thing? At the Calgary Stampede, our family always bought tickets for the Dream Home Raffle. I just knew that they raised a lot of money. Full disclosure: I never won. I also have an aunt who is a long-standing Rotarian in Calgary and I was aware of how much time she and my uncle devoted to their club. When I was the producer at the Chemainus Theatre, the Chemainus club invited me to their breakfast meeting, I think mainly to learn about the new building and operation rising in their community. I was working long hours (including being onstage until 10:30pm, 5 nights week, for one summer), so in my tiredness, I don't think that I took a lot in. The fact that I knew several members of the Duncan club convinced me that Rotary was the endeavour through which I hope to give something back to our community.
Do you have a favourite Rotary project or event? I was pleased to be invited to look after the Hector McIntosh Public Speaking Competition with Corrine Thompson. It seemed to resonate with the working part of my life.
How have you grown by becoming a Rotarian? Aside from the surplus "avoirdupois" due to lunch consumption? I have become more aware of some of the specific issues in the areas of focus and tend to watch for them in the news. The organization is also structured to turn solo artists into team players and I really have appreciated that aspect of the various projects and fundraisers in which I've participated.
Thank you Gregg! We appreciate your committed leadership of our club!