Quamichan Middle School Principal Nicole Boucher writes, "Eilish is an incredibly strong and quiet leader, who, in her way, has had a profound influence on the school during her two years here..."

"Whenever there are Leadership meetings, Eilish always has the most incredible ideas.  And when she has ideas, she has all of the skills that it takes to make her ideas happen in small steps.  Another great quality that she has is that when she puts an idea out, she listens to everyone’s feedback, and makes things happen based on a collective effort."

This is just one of several observations by a number of Eilish's teachers on our Monday Zoom club meeting, as they took turns sharing the qualities that make this Grade 9 student a shining example of leadership and service, the guiding principles of Rotary International. Also in the Zoom were a number of delighted family members including Eilish's grandfather who is a longtime member of a Rotary club in Nanaimo. All of us were thrilled and moved by the tremendous show of support from staff and family, and by Eilish's own heartfelt response.
Please stay tuned for the full story by Kevin Rothbauer in an upcoming edition of the Cowichan Valley Citizen newspaper!