Introduction and Guests


“Oh Canada”

Invocation by: Mike McLaren


Thank you’s:

Door & Setup Team: Brian Storey & Tony Woods

Banner Editor: Donna Cloutier

Greeter: Blaine Douglas




Visiting Rotarians:



Interact Students - Kirby, Sophia and Julie

Andre – from ACS Computers

David – Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Jim Benninger


Membership News

Membership news:


Membership -

Lynn Grey - survey monitored by Anita will be sent out next week

Look for email from President Deana – ensure you click “done”


Book Sale -

Audrey Craig – April 26 – 29th – 2940 Moray Avenue Courtenay

2 sign up sheets for volunteering

Last booksale was an extra cost due to the move

Nov 2016 Revenue - $44,226 less costs of 11,715 = $32,511

Open House – Tuesday April 25th


Secretary –

Lynn Gray for Christine Dickenson

Register - Clipboard going around to confirm your name/classification for name tags and directory

Clubrunner – If there is a problem logging in, let Christine know (it maybe be password related issues)


Train Station update

Deana Simkin – Train Station is considered an assembly building – to do any type of reconstruction, an architect must be part of the team. Quote was $20,000. Not enough money has been saved over the last 4 years and considering the cost of construction, we have a shortage. It’s been a long going project. The committee met with the Board to recommend that we no longer focus our efforts and the Train Station. Our efforts have made a difference for the Heritage Society, ICF, as the roof has saved the building. Big thanks to Rod Hunter and Art Meyers.

We now have $40,000 for community projects.


Treasurer: None

Wedding Anniversary –

Cliff and Susan Piercy – 20+ years

Rotary Anniversary – None



Sgt at Arms / Happy Sad Bucks

Sergeant at Arms – Mark Villaneuva

Brian Rice – bucketeer

Politicians in attendance can pay up

Paul Ives – Habs made the playoffs

Rod Hunter - Leafs also made the playoffs

Craig Rennison - Top 20 under 40 for Vancouver Island and the announcer said he had children

Kelly – Use a hand picking up wood to bring to his new house

Don Sinclare – Robbery at Superstore a few weeks ago and response time was 6 minutes (3 X faster than since Don retired)

Mike McLaren – councilor – Need to speak what you feel

Jordan – Easter weekend coming up and lots of chocolate sales


Happy/Sad Bucks:

Zao – His birthday today

George – CPAN container with 9000 Blue Moon wines went to China

Art – Vimy Ridge returning for the students to go. They raised $30,000

Dave Leith – New York – thanking Steve making it fun

Matt Beckett – Craig having children

Craig – Thank everyone in Rotary that helped him win

Brian Rice – Selling Toyota on April 20th and retiring after 34 years in the business


Program: Rob Wolfe – Prognostication


There is a deadline to submit your forecasts - what it will look like at the end of 2017


OIL $US per Barrel – (Now $53.10)

GOLD $US per oz (Now $1,237)

CAD/US (Now 0.764)

Overnight Interest Rate (Now .5%)

Housing Starts (Now 207,041)

Unemployment Rate (Now 6.9%)

TSX – Year End Value (Now 15,456)


2016 Winners:


Rod Hunter


TSX – Year End Value Brian Storey


Next Week

Club Announcements and Upcoming Events:

April 25th Open House

April 26 – 29th Bi-Annual Book Sale

May 4, 5, 6, 2017 – DLTA Assembly and Conference - Clearwater Casino Resort, Suquamish WA

June 9 – 18, 2017 - Seafood Expo: grown from a one day event to a week event

New Venue – Florence Filberg, Native Sons Hall, Sid Williams


Next Meeting: Tuesday April 18th, 2017

Location: Prime Chophouse

Program: Tentative – Ronna Rae Leonard

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