Introduction and Guests


“Oh Canada”

Invocation by: Mike McLaren


Thank you’s:

Door & Setup Team: Brian Storey & Tony Woods

Banner Editor: Donna Cloutier

Greeter: Blaine Douglas




Visiting Rotarians:



Interact Students - Kirby, Sophia and Julie

Andre – from ACS Computers

David – Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Jim Benninger


Membership News

Membership news:


Membership -

Lynn Grey - survey monitored by Anita will be sent out next week

Look for email from President Deana – ensure you click “done”


Book Sale -

Audrey Craig – April 26 – 29th – 2940 Moray Avenue Courtenay

2 sign up sheets for volunteering

Last booksale was an extra cost due to the move

Nov 2016 Revenue - $44,226 less costs of 11,715 = $32,511

Open House – Tuesday April 25th


Secretary –

Lynn Gray for Christine Dickenson

Register - Clipboard going around to confirm your name/classification for name tags and directory

Clubrunner – If there is a problem logging in, let Christine know (it maybe be password related issues)


Train Station update

Deana Simkin – Train Station is considered an assembly building – to do any type of reconstruction, an architect must be part of the team. Quote was $20,000. Not enough money has been saved over the last 4 years and considering the cost of construction, we have a shortage. It’s been a long going project. The committee met with the Board to recommend that we no longer focus our efforts and the Train Station. Our efforts have made a difference for the Heritage Society, ICF, as the roof has saved the building. Big thanks to Rod Hunter and Art Meyers.

We now have $40,000 for community projects.


Treasurer: None

Wedding Anniversary –

Cliff and Susan Piercy – 20+ years

Rotary Anniversary – None



Sgt at Arms / Happy Sad Bucks

Sergeant at Arms – Mark Villaneuva

Brian Rice – bucketeer

Politicians in attendance can pay up

Paul Ives – Habs made the playoffs

Rod Hunter - Leafs also made the playoffs

Craig Rennison - Top 20 under 40 for Vancouver Island and the announcer said he had children

Kelly – Use a hand picking up wood to bring to his new house

Don Sinclare – Robbery at Superstore a few weeks ago and response time was 6 minutes (3 X faster than since Don retired)

Mike McLaren – councilor – Need to speak what you feel

Jordan – Easter weekend coming up and lots of chocolate sales


Happy/Sad Bucks:

Zao – His birthday today

George – CPAN container with 9000 Blue Moon wines went to China

Art – Vimy Ridge returning for the students to go. They raised $30,000

Dave Leith – New York – thanking Steve making it fun

Matt Beckett – Craig having children

Craig – Thank everyone in Rotary that helped him win

Brian Rice – Selling Toyota on April 20th and retiring after 34 years in the business



Interact Students – RYLA outbound students – Sophia, Julia and Kirby

In Tacoma Washington

Thanking the club for our contribution for them to go

Were inspired by the speakers


Program: Jim Benninger – Liberal Nominee

Is a fellow honorarium Rotarian

Was the base commanded at 19 Wing Comox

First came to Comox in 1997 for his first posting and retired here

The writ was dropped this morning so signs can now legally be erected around the valley

Keys to the Vancouver Island Platform announced by Don McRae

Investments in education, colleges

Tax break for residents for BC Ferries

Commitment to 2022 Commonwealth games

Review of CRD governance

Cruise ship opportunities

BC Salmon Research Center in Campbell River

Tourism – Hiking

Mid-Island Forest Strategy

Resources to CV Agriplex

Lowering ferry costs by 25%

Upgrading WIFI on ferries/terminals

History of BC Liberals:

We have the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. In BC, earning $125 or less pay the least amount of taxes in Canada

BC small business taxes decreased to 2% from 2.5%

Helping 5000 families get off social assistant

Next Week

Club Announcements and Upcoming Events:

April 25th Open House

April 26 – 29th Bi-Annual Book Sale

May 4, 5, 6, 2017 – DLTA Assembly and Conference - Clearwater Casino Resort, Suquamish WA

June 9 – 18, 2017 - Seafood Expo: grown from a one day event to a week event

New Venue – Florence Filberg, Native Sons Hall, Sid Williams


Next Meeting: Tuesday April 18th, 2017

Location: Prime Chophouse

Program: Tentative – Ronna Rae Leonard

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