Speaker Date Topic
Rob van Haarlem Jun 28, 2018
Ringing of the Ducks - PE Russ Chairing the Rotary meeting
District Governor Craig Gillis Visit Jul 05, 2018
Christopher Bate Jul 12, 2018
Eureka Support Society - Supporting and employing people with mental illness.
President and Ducky Committee + Exchange students Jul 19, 2018
Ducky Review

Will have two Outbound exchange students - will have them speak after dinner 7:15 then do Ducky Debrief

> I have had a lot of feedback regarding Canadian Tire as a Ducky sales venue. For some reason, sales are not good there despite having dedicated Rotarians doing their best. We also seem to have trouble filling shifts at that location. What do you think about dropping it as a site for June 30th and possibly even sooner and redeploying people to the other venues, which with the exception of Crown Isle also have significant unfilled shifts. Speaking of unfilled shifts, even though we have 70+ members, not all of them have committed their time to ticket sales in one form or another. This needs to be addressed at the Ducky debrief.  From Tim Cowan



Leif Jason and Tom Miller Jul 26, 2018
Public Image
Golf Day Aug 02, 2018

All Booked, Shot Gun 5:30 approx 2 Hrs. for the Round takes us to 7:30, BBQ and prizes after that,


They want to be closed at 9:00


YIG  Sandy

Comox Marine Search and Rescue Aug 09, 2018
What is Search and Rescue? Possible Boat Tours after meeting at the docks
Offsite Aug 16, 2018
Filberg - confirmed
Barbara Mellin Aug 23, 2018
Forbiden Plateau Revitaliziation project (Tenative)
Rob Van Haarlem - Offsite Wayward Distillery Aug 30, 2018
David Peat - Literacy - need to confirm with David Sep 06, 2018
Offsite - Beaufort Winery - Sept 13 or 20th - Sep 13, 2018
Waiting for confirmation on date
Jason Heflin Regional Manager Investors Group Sep 20, 2018
Chariable Giving Foundations
Lynn Dashawysch Sep 27, 2018
Comox Valley Health Care Foundation
Fellowship night - Thanks Giving Oct 04, 2018
Fun event?
Jacquilin Carmicheal Oct 11, 2018
WWI book release "Tweets from the Trenches"
????? Oct 18, 2018
World Polio Day - Date Oct 24
Josh Temple Oct 25, 2018
Claquot Clean Up the battle of plastics in the Ocean
Chad McGillvary Nov 01, 2018
get MyKit.ca emergency Prepardness. Are you ready?


No speaker - MC? Nov 08, 2018
Auction Night
Gord Johns + Remembrance Day moment Nov 15, 2018
NDP MP for Comox Valley
Ernie von Schilling + guest speaker? Nov 22, 2018
AGM Nov 29, 2018
making cards Dec 06, 2018
MC - Charlene Davis and Stu - confirm? Dec 20, 2018
Christmas Party