Speaker Date Topic
Joanne Schroeder Sep 20, 2018
Comox Valley Child Development Association
Lynn Dashawysch Sep 27, 2018
Comox Valley Health Care Foundation
Fellowship night - Thanks Giving Oct 04, 2018
Fun event?
Jacquilin Carmicheal Oct 11, 2018
WWI book release "Tweets from the Trenches"
Maria Gordon - offsite at Dale and Mo office Oct 18, 2018
World Polio Day - Date Oct 24

They will provide appies - no Dawn required

Josh Temple Oct 25, 2018
Claquot Clean Up the battle of plastics in the Ocean
Chad McGillvary Nov 01, 2018
get MyKit.ca emergency Prepardness. Are you ready?


No speaker - MC? Nov 08, 2018
Auction Night
Gord Johns + Remembrance Day moment - Sea Cadets Nov 15, 2018
NDP MP for Comox Valley

From: Clare Laughy [mailto:claughy@shaw.ca]

Hi Clare,  - For Nov 15th - confirm earlier to date


That’s great to hear.  We have AV so please bring the presentation on a USB drive in power point.  We start are meeting at 6:30 sharp so please arrive between 6-6:15pm so we can test the AV.  


I think 2 cadets plus yourself, I’m assuming, would be great.  I would like to ask the cadets to lead us in a moment of silence in recognition of Remembrance day, if they are willing to do so.


Your presentation will start at 7pm, right after our dinner service.  You will have 25 minutes as we have another speaker coming on at 7:30.


I’m cc Keith Gibson, our program director, to keep in the loop as well. He will send out a reminder email the week of.


Feel free to reach out to me with any other questions.  Looking forward to see your presentation!



FRom Clare:

I just wanted to introduce myself as I believe you recently had a conversation with Tracey Court, President of the Navy League.


She mentioned that I should contact you regarding our upcoming trip to Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  We will, soon, be working on putting together a presentation to show local organizations and wondered if the Rotary Club would be interested in us coming to present for it?


If this would be something that would be possible either over the summer, or in the Fall, please let me know, and I will see about arranging it.





Ernie von Schilling + guest speaker? Nov 22, 2018
AGM Nov 29, 2018
making cards Dec 06, 2018
Barbara Mellin Dec 13, 2018
Forbiden Plateau Revitaliziation project (Tenative)
MC - Charlene Davis and Stu - confirm? Dec 20, 2018
Christmas Party
No meeting Dec 27, 2018
Cancelled for Christmas Break
No Meeting Jan 03, 2019
Cancelled for Christmas Break
Interact Dinner/Auction Mar 07, 2019