Notes from the training sessions.
Saturday, May 16th , 2020 was the first virtual District Training Assembly for  District 5020.  Presented via Zoom it was a jam-packed  day of  session choices in 5 time periods - a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary.  I attended in each of the time slots and will  highlight some of the major take-home points
Public Image and Membership
1.  BRAND is not a product; brand is a person's feeling about it. Brand is what someone thinks and feels when it sees your brand; it is built on experiences.  The logo is vital,  but it is not our brand.
2.  It is important to use the official logo as its recognition is world-wide.
3.  Telling our story is how we attract members that FIT our club.
Many ideas gathered from clubs from around the district such as re-imagining a duck race, on-line auctions and raffles, online donations and our own bottle-drop were just a few of those presented.
The most important take-away for me was this:  "The current situation is our best opportunity to RE-IMAGINE what  we do and how we do it."
The presenter,Troy Kirby, from Gateway Rotary creates professional looking videos to tell his his club's stories. It is not an easy task but well worth the effort.
Two points:
1. The more humble you are the less money you will raise. Blow your own horn and get a return on ego.
2. We need to recruit people who do this for a living and then leave them alone to do things.  In other words recruit members whose best asset is what you need.
This was directed at presidents.  It is important to trust board members. Everyone should understand parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order. Board members need to be engaged and know their roles. Reporting is vital.  Make sure members new to the board understand how it all works. Meet with them before the first meeting to inform and reassure them so they are comfortable with procedures and expectations.
Instagram is a prime place to promote visual content - use it for inspiration by telling COLORFUL stories of what we do.  Posting on Instagram automatically posts to Facebook and vice versa.  47% of  people aged 30-49 use Instagram with it being approximately 50/50 female and male users. This could definitely be a target group for our club recruitment.
These are just a few of the points I captured.   Obviously there was much more communicated.  I know others attended sessions, these and others, and I would love to include your thoughts on what your learned at this extraordinary opportunity for learning.  Send them to me and we will post them in another Waterwheel.
.**All attendees will be receiving the power point presentations and audio from the sessions they attended so information can  be made available to anyone interested in further details.