Campbell River

2016-17| July 19

Tuesdays 6:45 AM
Maritime Heritage Centre
621 Island Highway
                      42   Daybreak Rotarians present
                        7   Number of Makeups
                      49   Total Rotarians and Makeups
                      66   Rotarians in the Club
                                   74.2 %
"I'm one of those that feel that housing comes first and that homelessness is a preventable public health issue", Richard Clarke told Daybreak Rotarians on Tuesday. Richard is the President of Dawn to Dawn, a group that addresses homelessness in the Comox Valley. Dawn to Dawn is the only provider of transitional housing in the Comox Valley. Transitional housing is temporary housing intended to get homeless individuals and families off the streets and into a safe living environment. Once housed, clients are provided with the services they need to gain their independence and move into long-term housing. This could be jobs or skills training, or mental and physical health treatment.
A Rotarian of 33 years, most recently with the Strathcona Sunrise club since his retirement from the civil service in Ontario, he talked about the challenges and successes of the group. 
Despite difficulties in getting all the local governments together in the Valley, the group has, in the past year, been able to get Courtenay, Cumberland and the Regional District voter support for funding. 
For more information on Dawn to Dawn, click the button below. 
Tuesday morning President Sandra thanked Diana Gardner, Bobbi Colwell and the rest of the Social Committee for putting together Sunday's Family BBQ.
breakfast survey released!
On several occasions in the past year, Daybreakers have been given an opportunity to participate in club surveys. The most recent involved 'Breakfast'. Attached is a link to the survey results and a second link to a subsequent investigation by members of the Board who were tasked with looking at optimizing the Tuesday morning meal.
guests and visiting rotarians
Richard Clarke                  Strathcona Sunrise Club
                                              & Speaker
Ian Baikie                          Noon Club
Keith Price                         Noon Club
Devon Garrat                    Mark Eikeland
Ayden Garlinski-Gonsky   Student
Eva Lalakova                     Student
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One thing that Daybreakers will be able to bank on this year will be President Sandra's ability to keep the morning meetings on track. Her first three meetings and the installation all finished, without being rushed, within minutes of the scheduled time. Maybe not so important for retirees, for those heading to work it's important.
On a side note, President Sandra, asked members to hold positive thoughts for Tom Robinson and Brian Saunderson who are recovering; Tom after surgery and Brian after an accident.
Even on a not so sunny morning, there's no better view from a Rotary meeting place than that of the Campbell River Rotary and Campbell River Daybreak Rotary clubs.                                                         July 19, 2016. 
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Ayden's Homecoming Party
Jul 30, 2016
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Corn Roast
Aug 28, 2016
NI Cruisers - Shoppers Row - (cooking)
Sep 04, 2016 10:00 AM
Jul 26, 2016
Aug 02, 2016
Aug 09, 2016
Aug 16, 2016
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Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Rotary Moment - Taylor Stephen
Usually we just paraphrase the Rotary Moment, no so with Taylor Stephen... Here's what he said Tuesday morning.
"I am perhaps a bit green to give a truly deep Rotary Moment. Needless to say, I have not been involved long enough to have an anecdote about taking in a meeting of a local Rotary club in an exotic locale. Or talk about the satisfaction in seeing the project I spearheaded coming to fruition and delivering on its promise. My Rotary Moment is a rather small one.
As you may know, I'm relatively new in town. I have only lived here a year, and did not know anyone really when I turned up in Campbell River. But I have moved to new cities before, like Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton... Courtenay. There can be something very dreamy-like about moving somewhere new. The unfamiliarity can make the space of the city smooth, continuous, impenetrable, featureless. The people may seem like listening to a radio station in a language you don't speak - present, but distant, an obscurity blending in the background.
When I first attended Rotary meetings last autumn, the number of people and projects, activities, events and causes can be quite daunting. All the people, engaged in so much, the energy passing through this room and out in the community. It was hard to imagine myself as aspiring to be a part of this. Like going down to a river bank to help move the water downstream - how could I hope to do anything meaningful to add to that river pushing forward.
At that time of the year, in early December, Craig Gillis was seeking out people to support the Salvation Army as kettle ringers. Willing the river forward is hard, but I thought I could manage a kettle ringing. So I emailed Craig back and said put me down for Friday night.
I didn't really know what to do - stand there and ring the bell was obvious enough. Perhaps it is just like a lawyer to figure there must be more to this, how can I drill down and get at the real nuance of it? I just smiled politely, said hello, occasionally asked if people were interested in donating, and assuring those that could not or would not donate, that they were not bad people, they did not owe me an apology. 
I started to recognize people coming and going from the grocery store. That guys works at that place. I see her on the sidewalk when I am out walking. And with that, faces start to become a little more familiar. I see the person who dropped the $5 bill in the kettle at the gas station.
I took another opportunity this spring to chip away a little more at that smooth, continuous space, but now it happens to have the odd feature popping up here and there. I was out a bright Saturday morning to put up posters for the Wine and Blues festival. As I got the route covered, popping in to ask if people would be so kind, I got the odd question of 'you're that guy I see walking to work in the morning, right?' and 'what exactly is Rotary anyway?' I popped in to one of those spots later that weekend to hear, 'hey you're that Rotary guy'. And as I get more involved, come to know more people, the city loses its smooth, clean exterior. The voices are not so foreign, words on the radio start to stand out more, I can listen and understand. I'm not a stranger, and neither is the city. That is my Rotary Moment.
- Since joining Rotary, Taylor has stepped up and is now the Vocational Service Director.  
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