April 2015

David Bazowski, President,
Campbell River Daybreak Rotary

Dear Dave,
To you and the Executive, and to the general membership of Daybreak Rotary, sincere and heartfelt thanks from the Campbell River Seniors’ Centre Society.
The gift of round tables and chairs has made such a difference to all of the social activities at the centre…the lunches, the conversations, and the games.
We are fortunate in Campbell River, to enjoy the many projects sponsored by the Rotary Clubs. Your gift to the Seniors’ Centre may not be as visible as others in the community, but we want you to know that this investment in us as a group is meaningful at so many levels.
We are better able to meet our mission of enhancing the lives of the seniors of Campbell River; and we intend to extend our mission to build bridges with other organizations in our community…..truly a ripple effect of good will.
We intend to honour this gift by ensuring that it becomes a gift that keeps on giving.

Yours truly,

Helen Whitaker President CRSCS