Rotary Club of Hartford


No. 21


Come one, come all and join our Governor and the Rotary Club of Hartford in a small group setting to hear an update from our Governor. There will be time for a Q&A and we look forward to seeing you there!


Elected in November 2010, Governor Malloy’s top agenda items have included reinventing our economy by growing jobs, improving public education and stabilizing the state’s finances. 

Governor Malloy has pursued a comprehensive economic development strategy, one that invests in growth industries and creates jobs while at the same time defends the core sectors of our economy and protects the jobs we already have.   His three tiered approach makes sure that Connecticut can compete at any level – from large corporations, to small businesses and start-ups.  The First Five program has leveraged $1.7 billion in private sector investments across our state’s economy; that program and others have brought numerous corporate headquarters to Connecticut from out of state, including NBC Sports, Charter Communications, and Jackson Laboratories.  The Small Business Express Programs has invested in more than 700 small businesses across Connecticut, creating and maintaining thousands of jobs.  And the four new “Innovation Ecosystems” located throughout the state are connecting entrepreneurs with capitol investors, cultivating the grassroots of our state’s ideas economy.

The Governor is also making investments in education at every level. In 2012, he signed into law a school reform bill that has been called a national model.  The legislation has provided hundreds of millions of addition money to school districts, in exchange for holistic changes that will prepare students to compete in the 21st century economy.  In 2013, Governor Malloy was proud to push for what some have called a transformational investment in the University of Connecticut.  Next Generation Connecticut will make sure that Connecticut residents are in position to compete for jobs in emerging fields like bioscience and digital media.  Finally, the Governor has also called for and funded the creation of a new Office of Early Childhood to ensure that all our kids have access to a quality early childhood learning experience.

As we grow jobs and improve our schools, the Governor believes we also need to make state government leaner and more efficient. The newly enacted budget builds on the tremendous gains made during the Governor’s first two years in office, improvements that continue to fix the state’s financial foundation without imposing new taxes.  With fewer employees and state agencies than the day he was sworn in and new investments in technology, state government is making the changes necessary to improve the delivery of services without additional costs. 


Governor Malloy was proud to sign what some have called the most comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation in the country. 

Dannel Patrick Malloy, the youngest of eight children, was born in Stamford, Connecticut on July 21, 1955.  Growing up, he struggled to overcome learning and physical disabilities, eventually gaining the skills he needed to go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Boston College and continue on to Boston College Law School. In 1982, Governor Malloy married his wife, Cathy, whom he met while at Boston College. They have three sons: Dannel, Ben, and Sam.

Governor Malloy became a prosecutor in Brooklyn, New York, serving for four years as an Assistant District Attorney, where he won 22 convictions in 23 felony cases.  Prior to being elected Governor, he was Stamford's longest serving Mayor, serving for 14 years from 1995 to 2009.